The South African Light Tackle Boat Angling Association as we know it today started in the early 1960’s with the joining together of two separate bodies the then, All Transvaal Light Tackle boat Anglers Unions and the All Coastal Unions.

SALTBAA is a unique form of sport angling, in that it limits its I.G.F.A. rated class line to maximum 4 kgs. Our teams consists of four anglers whom constantly fishes in dams, rivers, estuaries and off shore. Our sport is family orientated and is there to be enjoyed by everyone.

S.A.L.T.B.A.A. is now affiliated and member body to various International and National Federations.

S.A.L.T.B.A.A. during the 1960’s and 1970’s achieved moderate success at International levels, but since the introduction of the Zone VI leagues at the start of the 1990’s now competes at a highly successful International level.

The early 1990’s saw S.A.L.T.B.A.A. going through major changes by the introduction of the Ladies and juniors fishing with skipper/coaches to handle the boats and in the past ten years have achieve International success. The early 1990’s saw the formation of the Zone 6 Tournaments, the hosting country rotating each year.

The year 2000 saw S.A.L.T.B.A.A. developing its own image, identity and branding this was achieved through the holding of Bosberaad, having put together a plan for the future of the amateur sports angler, and incorporating a future within our sport for the PDI’s.

The year 2001 saw the first S.A.L.T.B.A.A. PDI’s at the Cahorra Bassa Tiger International, Mocambique, and fishing from small boat with limited line.

Management Committee

Honorary Life President
Name: Dan
Surname: Reed
Contact: 083-294-0460
Honorary President
Name: Gert
Surname: Hattingh
Contact: 083-462-9952
Name: Ronnie
Surname: Groenewald
Contact: 083-785-6301
Vice President Ladies and Juniors
Name: Wendy
Surname: Strydom
Contact: 081-354-3758
Vice President Administration
Name: Len
Surname: Jacobs
Contact: 0829061806
Name: Madelein
Surname: Brown
Contact: 083-650-9727
Name: Gert
Surname: Hattingh
Contact: 083-462-9952