FIPS-M 56º/21º World Championship Boat Angling Albufeira – Portugal – from 24 Sep to 01 Oct 2022

After the successful organization of several international events, FIPS-M confided again in Portugal and in the Portuguese of Deep-Sea Angling Federation (FPPDAM) for the organization of the International Competition in Albufeira.

The SALTBAA Protea team that will participate in this event is Ockie Theunissen (C), Clint Spamers, Danny Strydom, Gerrie Barnard, Nelson de Jesus and Joseph van Huyssteen (Reserve/Manager). Congratulations to Nelson de Jesus who received his Protea colours after numerous years of angling for SALTBAA! Between the team members they have gained a lot of experience by competing in several international tournaments over the past few years, including Iceland, Denmark, Italy and Weymouth.

Program and Practice

The opening was held on the 25th of September. A parade of the participating nation teams and officials were organized with a reception by the national authorities, in the town/city hall. The colours of the participating nations were hoisted, and their national anthems played.

The opening will be followed by one training day and then the official 3 competition days with a minimum of 5 angling hours per day. One reserve day has been allocated in case fishing is not possible on one of the previous days. The team departed for Portugal one week ahead of schedule to incorporate additional practice days. The cost of hiring the boats for practice is 550€ and 25€ per competitor for bait. At the current exchange rate this amounts to around R2 273.40 per angler per practice day, (splitting the boat cost between 5 anglers).

Bait, traces and point allocation

Bait will be provided to each angler on each day of competition and on the training day consisting of 3.00 kg Clams and 0,5Kg Shrimp. A little out of the ordinary for what we are used to. Minimum allowable size of the hooks is 7 mm, and the fish is 18 cm. The suggested traces are similar to our paternosters but with 3 hooks, trace lengths between 90 – 130cm, hook lengths between 18 – 35cm and weights between 60 – 140 grams.

Fish species are categorized into 6 groups, and each group has allocated points from 1 – 6. All species not categorized are worth one point. Fish in Group 1 is awarded 1 point, fish in Group 2 is awarded 2 points and so forth. The team can look forward to catching Sea Perch. Whiting, Saddled bream, Dory and Red Porgy to name a few.


The top three individuals and the top three teams will receive FIPS-M medals, while the Organizer (FPPDAM) will offer cups and other commemorative awards. Other prizes are permitted for example the biggest fish, the rarest fish, greatest number of fish, etc.

Special word to the Team
You have come a long way, worked hard, and prepared as well as you could. We have faith in you. Good luck for the tournament, remember our sports code and most of all enjoy. “A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.”